Privacy Policy


We collect your coarse gps location whenever you complete a quiz session in CueBrain. This is uploaded to the server to make the global leaderboards more interesting (for example, an English speaker in England learning French can compete against a French speak in France learning English, etc).

It is important to note that this gps location is not exact:

  • On Android, we use the network location (which is typically limited to the neighborhood you are in, or your cell phone providers nearest cell tower).
  • On Windows Phone and iOS, we intentionally coarsify the location to within 3 kilometers. This is why sometimes your location may be incorrect by as much as 3 kilometers (to protect your actual location).
  • You may disable this feature at any time by going turning off the Share My Location in the Settings menu. Note that any previous quiz session coarse location information will remain in the database.


We encourage you to create a CueBrain Identity on our server. This is to track your quiz progress and to allow you to continue where you left off in case you lose your phone or need to reinstall CueBrain or reset your phone.

  • You can choose any obscure name you like.
  • You can choose any simple password you like.
  • You can optionally provide also your email for verification in case you forget your password.
  • We will not use any email addresses provided to send spam to our users.
  • Your email address will never be shown to other users.
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