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Like Us on Facebook and Unlock More Free Cue Card Sets

Not yet ready to commit to the Full version? Bored of all the cue card sets for the language you are studying? Well, if you simply like us on Facebook we will give you a few extra cue card sets for free!

Available in the Android and Windows Phone versions.

Simply tap on a “facebook-locked” cue card set and then tap the Like button. Don’t forget to type in a nice comment to tell your friends all about CueBrain. Then hit the Back button and more cue card sets will be unlocked.




Modern Ui for Windows Phone

We’ve decided to finally ditch the odd-shaped buttons and move towards a cleaner look, and embrace the modern Windows Phone Ui a bit more.

Check out our fresh new look!



Windows Phone Speech Install Help

We really wanted to bring you this sooner, but there was really no good text-to-speech solution for Windows Phone. That is until now! With Windows Phone 8 comes some great sounding speech synthesizers which will do wonders to help you practice your foreign languages.

The good news: they are FREE!

The bad news: Microsoft didn’t make it possible for CueBrain to install them for you, so you need to download and install them manually.

Here is a step by step visual guide to help you through the process.

CueBrain Now Live In the Windows Phone Store

We are excited to announce that CueBrain is now available from the Windows Phone Store. Click here to go there directly now.

Our leaderboards are currently filled with green and Amazon-orange androids. Show your love for Windows Phone by beating Android users at your favorite language! Let’s fill those leaderboards up with the Windows Phone flag!

In the meantime we will be working hard on adding speech and custom cue card editing, which paying customers will of course get for free once they are released.

CueBrain for Windows Phone Submitted

We are excited to announce CueBrain for Windows Phone. It is currently going through the submission process after passing beta testing and will be available shortly on this slick platform from Microsoft.

Screenshots below:


Privacy Policy


We collect your coarse gps location whenever you complete a quiz session in CueBrain. This is uploaded to the server to make the global leaderboards more interesting (for example, an English speaker in England learning French can compete against a French speak in France learning English, etc).

It is important to note that this gps location is not exact:

  • On Android, we use the network location (which is typically limited to the neighborhood you are in, or your cell phone providers nearest cell tower).