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Modern Ui For iOS

The modern CueBrain look has now come to iPhone/iPad/iPod! Check it out.



iOS Speech Help

Apple does not provide any built in text to speech for apps, so we partnered with Acapela to provide you with a great spoken voice experience. There are a lot of steps, and sometimes it may take a while depending on your internet quality connection and which particular voice pack you purchase. Some can be as large as 100 megabytes, so please connect to wifi if you have a limited data plan.

Once your voice downloads and installs successfully, you will be able to hear text spoken automatically during a quiz. Tapping the works in the view window will also speak the text.

CueBrain now available for the Apple iPhone and iPad

We are excited to announce that CueBrain is now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod!
Tell your friends and get it from iTunes here

Privacy Policy


We collect your coarse gps location whenever you complete a quiz session in CueBrain. This is uploaded to the server to make the global leaderboards more interesting (for example, an English speaker in England learning French can compete against a French speak in France learning English, etc).

It is important to note that this gps location is not exact:

  • On Android, we use the network location (which is typically limited to the neighborhood you are in, or your cell phone providers nearest cell tower).