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Like Us on Facebook and Unlock More Free Cue Card Sets

Not yet ready to commit to the Full version? Bored of all the cue card sets for the language you are studying? Well, if you simply like us on Facebook we will give you a few extra cue card sets for free!

Available in the Android and Windows Phone versions.

Simply tap on a “facebook-locked” cue card set and then tap the Like button. Don’t forget to type in a nice comment to tell your friends all about CueBrain. Then hit the Back button and more cue card sets will be unlocked.




Modern Ui for Android

The modern simplistic metro-style ui was started by Windows Phone, and now has become more popular in other mobile platforms. We’ve decided to finally ditch the odd-shaped buttons and move towards a cleaner look. Starting with the Android version of CueBrain…




Importing From Excel

There is no direct import feature from Excel into CueBrain, it but can be done with some quick copy and paste. Actually, the built-in cue card sets are all done with the help of Excel.
  1. Create a dummy cue card set in CueBrain
  2. Save it to SD card
  3. Open this file in a text editor on your PC/Mac (such as Notepad, or Notepad2).
  4. You will notice the format is pretty straightforward: cue=answer pairs on each line
  5. Copy and paste your cells from Excel into this file
  6. Replace all tab characters with the = character. You can copy and paste one of the tabs into the Replace field in the Replace dialog box.

CueBrain Widgets Help You Learn Passively

Android has this neat concept called widgets. You can add parts of your favorite apps to the desktop and they will show you periodically updating content.

CueBrain (6.03.006) now supports this too! Every time you make a mistake during a quiz, the cue card is recorded on your phone. If you add a CueBrain widget to the desktop, it will cycle through the cue cards you had trouble with. How cool is that?

To do this in older versions of Android:

  1. Press the Home key to go to your desktop
  2. Tap and hold an empty spot on your desktop

CueBrain for Android

DOWNLOAD now from Google Play

Learn language vocabulary the fun and easy way with quizzing from the ‘Brain, which automatically puts words that you chose incorrectly back into the pile. Once you play with a set of cue cards, they will be etched into your memory!

Features a drum machine for positive reinforcement and ghost replay of your best time.

Learn: Czech Chinese Dutch English French German Greek Hungarian Irish Italian Japanese Korean Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Slovak Spanish Swedish, or create your own cue cards.

Android Speech Install Help

As much as it is cool that Android lets you use 3rd party apps for text-to-speech, they sure don’t make it easy. This is mostly “for your protection”, as these text-to-speech apps have access to any text that you give them to read.

Svox has some great voices that work very well with CueBrain. Yes, the default text-to-speech that ships with Android is very basic and doesn’t sound good.

Please don’t ding CueBrain for this in the Android reviews as we have no control over or desire to write text-to-speech engines — this is another lifetime of work.

CueBrain Screenshots

See below for some screenshots of CueBrain for Android:

Android Videos now Available

Check out the following videos for Android that will walk you through most of CueBrain’s cool features.

Landscape for viewing on a Phone:

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Portrait for viewing on a desktop computer:

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Privacy Policy


We collect your coarse gps location whenever you complete a quiz session in CueBrain. This is uploaded to the server to make the global leaderboards more interesting (for example, an English speaker in England learning French can compete against a French speak in France learning English, etc).

It is important to note that this gps location is not exact:

  • On Android, we use the network location (which is typically limited to the neighborhood you are in, or your cell phone providers nearest cell tower).